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Mavensdotlive is an online learning platform that hosts live learning (online and offline) for students.
Mavensdotlive offers courses created and managed by the instructor(s). These classes are either taught physically (offline) or via Zoom (online). The main content of each course is its lectures which can consist of videos, slides, text and other forms of media. Instructors can also include practical activities such as quizzes, test questions and forums.
Additional information on Mavensdotlive’s platforms and features can be seen here.
This depends on the course’s requirement: If the course has a prerequisite, you must always start from the beginning and If it doesn’t, you are free to join at any point.

The duration for courses varies: a one-off class usually takes an hour or two and a course may take 3 weeks to 2 months.
Mavensdotlive is in the process of being an accredited institution by registering as a ‘Lifelong Learning Centre’ (L3C).
You may preview a course if the instructor enables students to do so. Please ensure that you are already logged in to Mavensdotlive in order to access the preview feature.
With Mavensdotlive’s cash on delivery system, online transfer and cash is accepted.
Mavensdotlive currently does not offer refunds but instead, you’ll be able to attend future classes with your current payment. If you have further inquiries, do contact us.
To search for courses, you may either click the Search button on the top menu bar or browse through courses in the courses page.
Cart is a list of the purchase of a course. You do not necessarily have to login to use the add to cart feature. However, you would need to register first in order to make payment and enroll in a course.
Wishlist is a feature that allows you to save a course that you are likely to attend, but not yet enrolled. Go to Account > Learning Profile > Wishlist to view your list of interested courses.


To sign in, go to and enter your required details. To sign up, go to and enter your required details to create an account. You would be required to activate it through your email address (spam folder).

You can also use your social media to connect with Mavensdotlive without entering details and activating.
Once you are already registered, hover over Account > Settings. In the Settings tab, there are four tabs such as general (change email and password), email notification, profile visibility, export data and delete account.
Go to Account > Profile > Change Profile Photo. You can also change your cover photo.
Profile displays information about your enrolled courses, certificates, orders, quizzes and wishlist. However, you cannot edit the information, unless the profile settings allows you to modify the following information such as your biographical info, first/last name, display name publicly, avatar and change password. It is highly recommended to change the aforementioned information on your profile instead of your learning profile under the Settings tab.
Go to Learning Profile > Settings > General. Enter your bio and other info, which can be private in the Privacy tab.
The difference between learning profile and user profile is the level of information provided. For instance, on your profile page, you are allowed to change your profile details, connect with other registered users, attend forums, etc. However, learning profile is used to provide information about your learning experience.
Go to Account > Settings > General.
Go to Account > Settings > Profile Visibility
Go to Account > Settings > Delete Account.


Mavensdotlive uses a ‘pre-booking system’. For each class, Instructors set a minimum number of students for it to be activated. If the class does not reach its minimum number, the class will simply not take place. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Courses page and choose the course of your interest. In the course’s overview tab, it will state the ‘minimum no. of students required to activate class’.
  2. Click ‘add to cart’ and then your personal details will be required. Your enrollment is then being processed.
  3. You then wait for us to email you if the class is activated or not.
  4. If the class is activated, your enrollment will be accepted and we will require you to pay.
  5. Now you are able to access all the course’s curriculum.
Mavensdotlive hosts a variety of courses such as Business, Marketing, Soft skill courses, Corporate training, Digital art, Mental health topics and much more.
Each course has the Overview, Curriculum, Instructor and Review tab. The Overview tab contains a brief introduction of the course, including the course information, goals, etc. This also has the Courses features, which consist of the number of lectures and quizzes, duration, skill level, language of instruction, information about certification and providing any assessments.

The Curriculum tab contains the teaching materials. The ways in which it organizes depends on how an instructor structures his lessons per week or session.

The Instructor tab displays an instructor’s profile and the Review tab showcases the reviews made by the registered students.
Your purchase is currently in progress. You will have to wait until the minimum number of students is reached, then you are notified about the status of the course.
Each course’s pricing varies according to the Instructor. On average, the price of a course is around BND30.
Go to Account > Learning > Courses.
You can click the Love icon in the top right corner of your particular course image.
Upon finishing a class or course, all participants will receive a certificate of completion. For some courses from certified institutions, you may even receive a full certification.
Most of our courses will be taught in English. However, there can be instances of code-switching between Malay and English from local instructors.


If you have already registered and an account, you can register through the Become An Instructor page in the menu.

If you are not already logged in, you are required to login first in order to become an instructor. Please go to the following link here to register.

In the become an instructor page, you are displayed the Become An Instructor and Instructor’s Agreement guidelines and the Registration form. This form includes your username, email, phone number and message.

Your instructor registration form requires the moderation team’s approval.
Go to Account > Instructor’s Guide and refer to the Instructor’s manual guide.
Instructor’s profile is the same as other registered users, the difference is the learning profile which instructors have the control to view his list of students and courses.
Yes, it would be possible to enroll in other instructors’ classes.